After discovering the health benefits of organic superfoods. We tried many different brands but we were never satisfied with what we found in the marketplace. They were either low quality not tested or too expensive. So one day out of frustration we decided to create our own as a result Freedom Superfoods launched in 2014.

Created with Quality in Mind

Searching the globe for rare superfoods that have proven health benefits is a labor of love for us. We only source premium ingredients from verified organic growers. As a small family-owned business we 3rd party lab test and use every product ourselves. This means you can feel confident knowing our products are safe and effective.

Organic Farming

You’ll always feel safe knowing your Freedom ingredients are free from any GMO’s, additives, chemicals, preservatives, binders and fillers. They are certified USDA organic and gluten free - which means they are free from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers and all wheat residue. We also test all of our ingredients in the USA for heavy metals.

Packed in USA

Freedom’s ingredients are all lab tested and packed here in the USA in our GMP approved facility. We only use the highest quality heavy duty re-sealable packaging to lock in the nutrients and keep out the light and moisture, which means your ingredients stay fresh longer. All of our premium quality ingredients are either raw or we use traditional processes such as sun and air drying that preserve the goodness and lock in the maximum amount of nutrients so you can really feel the difference. No ingredients are ever treated with harsh chemicals or nutrient destroying high temperature processes.

Directly Sourced

We buy direct from small scale producers and co-operatives, this helps them and their families achieve better conditions as well as improving social and environmental standards in developing local communities around the world. By not sourcing from large resellers we can pass the savings directly on to small producers and of coarse you.

Sustainably Farmed

Only working with small scale ethical organic growers that look after and preserve their lands, ensures that we can keep producing for many generations to come. Always applying sustainable cultivation practices and making sure to never to over-harvest and deplete their soil. No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides are ever used, which helps preserve the amazing native flora and fauna in these exotic, pristine and secluded locations.