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  • PREMIUM CULINARY GRADE ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER. Just a small amount of powder has a vibrant green color and is bursting with flavor. Customers have said "Its delicious and sweet"
  • THE BEST MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER FOR LATTES, SMOOTHIES, BAKING, BLENDING & TEA. The secret to making delicious lattes at home. Enjoy the delicate taste in all your Matcha Green Tea Powder recipes

  • 100% NATURAL, SUGAR-FREE, VEGAN & PACKED FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS & EGCG's. Our Matcha Green Tea Powder is a natural fat burner, metabolism booster, energy booster and weight loss/ diet supplement. As a result, many customers report they are looking better, feel more energized, focused and that their skin looks more radiant

  • YOU KNOW THIS HAS BEEN CREATED WITH PREMIUM DRINKING QUALITY IN MIND because we only source directly from the pristine mountains of Nisho Japan from one of the very few select growers who have the skills to produce the highest quality authentic Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR IN A HEAVY DUTY BULK RE-SEALABLE STAND UP POUCH which makes it easy to store and keeps your Matcha Green Tea Powder fresh. When You Order Now, know that you're protected by a 60 Day no questions asked money back guarantee, Your Satisfaction is Our Goal. Hit the add to cart button Now! When you do consider, purchasing two pouches for uninterrupted use and FREE Shipping!!

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