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  • WHILE OTHER MORINGA POWDERS LOOK & TASTE BLAND AND UNPLEASANT, don’t dissolve properly are just unclean or unsafe to use, Freedom Superfoods Moringa Powder is a fine bright green powder with a delicate flavor that dissolves well. 3rd party lab tested and packed in our FDA approved facility in the USA means your green smoothies, protein shakes & tea will be clean, pure and delicious, helping you to look & feel your best

  • YOU KNOW THIS WAS CREATED WITH QUALITY IN MIND because we only source directly from its natural habitat in Southern India considered the best region in the world due to the red soil and humid climate. Its carefully prepared from farm fresh leaves and processed at low temperatures and therefore retains its complete nutrient profile. This stuff is the real miracle leaf!
  • NO MORE LOW ENERGY! our Moringa Powder is Certified USDA Organic and free from binders, fillers, contaminants, gluten and the 8 Major allergens, as a result many customers report an energy burst that's clean and sustained, Marvel as you feel more healthy, productive and focused than ever before

  • SEARCHING THE GLOBE FOR FOR THE PUREST ORGANIC SUPERFOODS that have powerful health benefits is a labor of love for us. We only source the highest quality ingredients directly from small ethical growers and being a small family owned business ourselves we personally use every product. Moringa is the perfect addition to your daily smoothies

  • DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR IN A HEAVY DUTY RE-SEALABLE ZIP LOCK STAND UP POUCH makes it easy to store and keeps your Moringa fresh. So go ahead and hit the Add To Cart button Now! knowing that you're protected by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Even if you return the bag completely empty. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal
  • Organic Moringa Powder
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